Connect your organization's entire HR process

HROffice Connect helps you streamline your organization’s entire HR process. The result is more efficiency, lower costs, and great job satisfaction.


Connect your HR process with a​ SaaS solution

HROffice Connect is the ideal solution for those looking for a custom HR SaaS system. With HROffice Connect, you can create direct links to various HR applications linked to your inflow, throughflow, and outflow processes. Streamline your HR process and save time and prevent unnecessary mistakes. 

Choose the applications that suit you and your organization, so you only use the functionalities you actually need.

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Acceleration hiring process
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Only use the HR applications you really need

Functionalities of HROffice Connect

Single Sign On

Clear overview of all linked applications you need

Manage all HR applications from specialized partners in one account.


Take control of the entire recruitment process

From inflow to outflow, HROffice Connect arranges everything in no time.


Fast and easy implementation of HROffice Connect

Reap the benefits of HROffice Connect.

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