Find talented creatives with the contract form they want

Thanks to a collaboration with HROffice and others, VRT – the public broadcasting network of Flanders – was transformed into a modern, digital broadcaster that uses the internet as a complementary medium alongside radio and television. The challenge for VRT was that professionals in the two primary fields – creative media makers and ICT – were increasingly choosing to work as freelancers. Finding and retaining creative talent called for a new strategy: Total Talent Management.

Minimal differences between permanent and flexible employees

Dat geldt zowel bij het solliciteren op vacatures als bij het vinden van interne klussen. Naar de gebruikers toe leidt dit tot een nieuwe werken-bij-site en een interne opdrachtentool. De werken-bij-site is ingesteld op een dubbele employer branding van enerzijds de VRT zelf en anderzijds de mediamerken die de VRT voert, zoals Studio Brussel, Ketnet en Sporza. Op de werken-bij-site staan vacatures voor alle contractvormen die mogelijk zijn bij VRT, van vast contract tot zelfstandigen.

Swiping through the assignment tool

Once you’re in, the close collaboration between the different departments calls for a creative digital mindset and the ability to think outside the box. To stimulate this, an assignment tool was developed that allows users to swipe for relevant assignments on their mobile phones. In this tool, all permanent and flexible employees have their own talent profile to match their skills with the available assignments. Several technical steps were taken to create a smooth user experience with the right employer branding. The custom career website by Multimedium includes a new ATS by HROffice, linked to a VMS by Connecting-Expertise. The new assignment tool is fed by up-to-date personal data from the central HR System. To make all of these tools accessible via single sign-on, we created the HRAppstore.


Creating a total talent management strategy (TTM) not only generated tangible results through the direct hiring of freelancers, it also made a cultural impact. Now, all recruitment channels previously used for permanent employees can also be used for flexible employees. VRT now uses social media to post vacancies for both temporary and permanent positions.

Reduced time-to-hire and more direct hiring

With this TTM strategy, the HR department is communicating that it supports all employees. It starts with the HR Business Partner, which advises management on the budget for both permanent and flexible employees for the coming year. A new TTM creates more room for equal treatment and for setting limits. TTM goes further than recruitment alone to include other HR disciplines, such as the Learning Team, which now offers training programmes for external parties.

By drawing more proactively on talent pools, which includes both freelancers and permanent employees, the recruitment team reduces the time-to-hire and can focus on more direct hiring. The relationship with IT experts is also more direct, making them feel more involved with the organization.

Five different suppliers collaborated on the VRT project.