Purdey opted for an efficient and innovative recruitment process

In 2016, following a restart, women’s fashion brand Purdey continued as an independent brand and was faced with its biggest challenge to date: transforming 22 individual stores into a successful brand and a uniform team.

Purdey's recruitment challenge

In order to transform into a successful, uniform brand, Purdey needed the right tools to help its employees excel. This could only be achieved through a high-performance recruitment process supported by innovative technology. This would be the foundation of the current organization.

Reduced cost-per-hire

With the help of HROffice Connect, Purdey made considerable efficiency improvements. ‘HROffice Connect reduced the internal staffing capacity of our HR department by 40%,’ says Michiel de Rooij, director of operations and ICT at Purdey. The company achieved this because the time it took to post vacancies was reduced by 57% and the hiring process was accelerated by 31%. Higher-quality candidates and better inflow meant fewer job interviews were necessary, thereby reducing Purdey’s cost-per-hire to just 454 euros.

A new career site with the fresh Purdey look & feel

‘HROffice created an amazing career website for us! With a fresh and professional Purdey look and feel. We were also impressed by the HROffice Recruitment technology[SP1]. This is an efficient and professional way to process our large volume of candidates. It makes things so much easier.’ The transformation from paper to paperless helped to optimize the candidate journey. The ability to manage the entire HR and recruitment process from a central dashboard at the click of the mouse introduces Purdey and its new employees to the world of operational excellence.

From recruitment and selection to digital contracts

‘By linking the ATS system to HROffice Contracts, we reduced the staffing capacity of our HR department by 40%. We used to draft contracts in Word, which required multiple documents to be merged. Now we draft and manage all contracts in one place. This helps us work more efficiently and make fewer mistakes.’ From recruitment and selection to employment contracts and from hour registration to remuneration, new employees are part of Purdey’s success story from day one.

The impact of one HR system for women's fashion brand Purdey

The keys to transforming 22 individual stores into one successful brand and team were process optimization, cost reduction, and a strong employer brand.

Process optimization

In order to attract the right people for women’s fashion brand Purdey, all processes were streamlined, digitized, and integrated – from recruitment and selection to remuneration.

Cost reduction

HROffice Connect was a cost-efficient way for Purdey to find the right people. The innovative application of data ensures the right profiling, and the higher quality of hire increased the efficiency of the recruitment process. This reduced both costs and effort for the company, which in turn resulted in a 40% reduction in staffing capacity for HR, more suitable candidates, and reduced outflow.

Strong employer brand

Operational excellence can be achieved if this is implemented throughout the organization. HROffice Connect can also be used to automatically draft contracts, create employee work schedules, and remunerate employees through the standard remuneration partner. Both permanent and flexible employees can count on the proper implementation of their employment contract. Because everything is arranged centrally, HR maintains full control and instant insight into tasks, schedules, absences, and the recruitment of new candidates. All of this is done in an automated flow from one dashboard. Purdey is paving the way, and employees are noticing this. In this way, they are building a successful employer image.