Ensure the perfect ending to the employee journey

HROffice has created an offboarding programme in collaboration with Appical to ensure the perfect ending to the employee journey.


Offboarding: out of sight but not out of mind

The offboarding process starts as soon as an employee indicates his or her desire to leave. In order to retain knowledge and maintain good relationships with former employees, it’s important to have a good offboarding process. The perfect end to the employee journey also has a positive effect on attracting and maintaining new talent.

The importance of a good ending

Advantages of offboarding

Automate offboarding with HROffice Recruitment

To ensure the perfect ending to the employer journey you use Offboarding. For the best offboarding programme we collaborate with Appical. It is easy to link Offboarding with our ATS system. In case you do not use HROffice Recruitment then connect  your Offboarding progamme  to your own ATS system. This way you will always keep your user data safe.

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