Transform your new employee into an ambassador

HROffice has created an onboarding programme in collaboration with Appical. Transform your new employees into committed and enthusiastic ambassadors.


Onboarding provides answers instead of questions

We’re all familiar with the word ‘training’, but onboarding takes this a step further. It’s more than just showing new employees the ropes. It’s about giving them all of the tools they need to develop into committed and enthusiastic ambassadors. Ambassadors love their job and the organization they work for, which is why they go the extra mile, feel a genuine connection, and are proud of the company they work for.  

A flying start

Advantages of onboarding

Custom made

Take training to the next level and create a digital experience

A first impression you can make only once. Care therefore for a successful start to your new employees through an online training program.


Combine games, video and Augmented Reality

You control the interactive training course: videos, dictionaries, checklists, quizzes or virtual reality; It’s all possible!

Hoe positioneer je via Employer Value


Monitor employee progress and make adjustments if necessary

In the user statistics you can easily monitor the performance of your new employees viewing and simple changes.


Use existing onboarding blueprints as a formula for success

The blue prints are developed on the basis of our best cases. This way you can easily achieve success and save a lot of time and money.

Automate the onboarding app with HROffice Recruitment

Achieve a stunning first impression by Onboarding. We work with the best application for you: Appical. The advantage of Onboarding is the application is easy to pair with our ATS system. You do not use HROffice Recruitment? It is also possible to link with your own ATS. 

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