Show employees the ropes before they start on the job

HROffice offers a pre-boarding programme for your new employees in collaboration with Appical. With this programme you can show employees the ropes before their first day on the job!

Want to show employees the ropes before they start on the job?

How do you prevent a new colleague from leaving before they start? With pre-boarding. We will help you create your own online pre-boarding programme. In collaboration with Appical, we provide the necessary technology and a mobile app (iOS or Android). Together we will determine the content for your pre-boarding app. This may include videos, checklists, quizzes, assignments, or virtual reality. With pre-boarding, you can offer new employees an interactive training programme that will prevent them from quitting before they begin.

Easy and personal

Advantages of pre-boarding

Automate the launch of the pre-boarding app by linking it to HROffice Recruitment

A stunning first impression you will achieve with pre-boarding. For the best offboarding programme we collaborate with Appical. It is easy to link pre-boarding with our ATS system. In case you do not use HROffice Recruitment then connect  your pre-boarding progamme  to your own ATS system. This way you will always keep your user data safe.

Ready to start pre-boarding?

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Transform your new employee into an ambassador.

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