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Digital signing an employment contract

Are digitally signed employment contracts legally binding?

The Digital Signature Act has been in place since 1999 and is based on the European directive. This directive was incorporated into the new eIDAS Regulation. Digital signatures have become far more common in recent years, which is easy to understand. given that they’re faster to place, improve contract management, reduce costs, and prevent paper waste. But what kinds of digital contracts are there? And are digitally signed contracts legally binding?

What are the different types of digital signatures?

Sinds 1999 is de wet elektronische handtekening actief op basis van de Europese richtlijn. Deze richtlijn is sinds juli 2016 opgegaan in de nieuwe eIDAS-verordering. De afgelopen jaren wordt de elektronische handtekening steeds meer gebruikt. Dat is eenvoudig uit te leggen: het is sneller te zetten, zorgt voor controle over de contractflow, vermindert kosten en voorkomt papierverspilling. Maar welke soorten zijn er? En, is een digitale handtekening ook rechtsgeldig als het gaat om arbeidsovereenkomsten?

According to the Digital Signature Act (Article 15a of the Dutch Civil Code), there are three types of digital signatures:

Ordinary digital signatures

This is the most basic type. This type of digital signature links the identity of the signer to an electronic document, such as a scan of a hard copy signature, which is then added to an electronic document.

Qualified digital signature

A qualified digital signature verifies the identity of the signer using a certificate such as iDEAL or DigiD and is commonly used to sign annual tax returns, among other documents.

Advanced digital signature

The emphasis here is on reliability within the process. A unique code is ascribed to the individual who sent the document in order to determine the document’s origin. This unique code changes as soon as the document is edited or changed, making the advanced digital signature reliable and legally valid for different types of documents. The advanced digital signature is commonly used for electronic phone, rental, and employment contracts.

How do you draft a digital contract?

HROffice Contracts makes it easy to draft and manage digital contracts. You have a clear online overview of all drafted and current contacts. All documentation is secured, and you can assign user rights to specific documents. The signatures placed via HROffice Contracts are legally binding advanced digital signatures. In order to place an advanced digital signature, HROffice works with, in accordance with ETSI 102 042.

Are digitally signed employment contracts legally binding?

The authenticity of contracts drafted using HROffice Contracts is guaranteed through our collaboration with Given that digital signatures hold the same legal value as handwritten signatures, digitally signed documents are as legally valid as documents signed in writing.