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Your own career site by HROffice makes it easy to provide candidates with the right information, helping you to find the perfect match.


Advantages of career websites

Provide candidates with the right information with your own career website. A career website is the best way to find the perfect match. It not only streamlines your recruitment process, it also helps you manage your corporate image and culture. Clear communication to the outside world makes you look like a strong and consistent employer and brand. This makes it easier to find suitable candidates for your organization.

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Attract top talent with a career website

Advantages of career websites


Automatically process candidates in your recruitment system via your career website

Post vacancies from the recruitment system to your career website and view responses on your dashboard.


View and edit all components on your career website

No more waiting for the website builder to implement changes on your career website.


Assess candidates whenever and wherever you want

The HROffice Recruitment environment is fully compliant with GDPR requirements. This environment makes it possible for multiple colleagues to assess candidates.

From custom vacancy page to career website

Every business is unique and has its own unique recruitment needs. HROffice therefore offers various career website solutions for every situation. For example, use a basic mobile-friendly career website, otherwise known as a vacancy page. If you want to share content as well as vacancies across your organization, a premium career site may better suit your needs. If you are interested in blogging, sharing testimonials, or if you have other specific requirements, a custom career website is the perfect fit.

Career websites for companies

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