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Find, develop, and retain the right employees. Schedule your employees in a sustainable and cost-efficient way by smart, easy to match (HR) SaaS technology. This way you can focus on company growth.



SaaS System

Only choose the applications you need. Your system is entirely online and accessible wherever and whenever you need it.

Data insight

Want to lower your cost-to-hire? We provide the right insights and advice through Power BI.


All HROffice applications are implemented quickly and are extremely user-friendly to ensure that users benefit in the short-term.

Personal support

Our service goes the extra mile. You can always count on personal support, regardless of the HR application you use.

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A streamlined HR process


Recruiting and selecting the right candidates

The recruitment and selection process aims to find you the most suitable candidates. A smooth start motivates candidates, so make sure everything is streamlined and save your HR department precious time.

HROffice recruitment software (ATS) - instroom


Retention and deployment of employees

When you hire a new candidate, make sure you have a streamlined throughflow process. HROffice gives you an overview of digital contracts, helps you train new employees before their first day of work, and allows you to schedule them in immediately.

HROffice recruitment software (ATS) - doorstroom


Saying goodbye to employees

Outflow is defined as the termination of employment. An employment contract can be terminated for various reasons, such as dismissal or an employee having reached pensionable age.

HROffice recruitment software (ATS) - uitstroom

Connect your HR process with a​ SaaS solution

HROffice Connect is the ideal solution for those looking for a custom HR SaaS system. With HROffice Connect, you can create direct links to various HR applications linked to your inflow, throughflow, and outflow processes. Streamline your HR process and save time and prevent unnecessary mistakes. 

Choose the applications that suit you and your organization, so you only use the functionalities you actually need.

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