Managing contracts

People & Payment and Nmbrs®
Managing contracts

People & Payment is a progressive HR and salary processing firm and a certified occupational health and safety service for SMEs. They use Nmbrs® to process salaries for some 1,500 companies, including 80 companies in the hospitality sector. Employment contracts and wage tax statements are drafted for new employees every month. In order to provide these new employees with the right remuneration, all of this data has to be entered into Nmbrs®.

Optimizing the flow of contracts

There are dozens of manual operations and control procedures involved in drafting employment and employee contracts. The challenge for People & Payment was to create an effective workflow for drafting contracts. They wanted to be able to access a clear overview, 24/7, at the touch of a button.

Implementing HROffice Contracts

To meet the needs of People & Payment, we implemented HROffice Contracts, which allowed them to manage all contracts in-house. The contract is drafted online, and the candidates are prompted to enter their personal data. After the contract is signed, it is forwarded to the salary administration department (Nmbrs®). This gives People & Payment full control, with minimal sensitivity to errors.

Once the forms are completed by the employer and the employee, the contract can be signed digitally by all involved parties, making printing unnecessary. The digitally signed contract is then e-mailed in PDF form to the employee. People & Payment receive a notification when the contract is due to expire, leaving them plenty of time to take the necessary follow-up steps.