HROffice Workforce Management at DACHSER

Thanks to HROffice Workforce Management (HROffice WFM), DACHSER achieved time savings of 60% on planning, hour registration, and invoicing. The planning software by HROffice helped DACHSER increase its efficiency and achieve considerable time savings. About DACHSER DACHSER is a global leader in the logistics industry. A seamless and global transport network as well as exemplary […]

From complex data to clear language

Much like technology, the labour market is changing rapidly. As a result, recruiters are becoming increasingly dependent, which can be a hard pill to swallow. There are countless tools, campaigns, and dashboards out there that recruiters need to be familiar with. Data-driven recruitment is the future, which is why we want to make data as […]

Want to publish vacancies? Use the e-recruitment platform

E-recruitment platform officially launched If you have a vacancy to fill, use to reach your desired target group. This new online solution will save you time and money by giving you access to more than 300 digital advertising opportunities for recruitment purposes. Easily publish vacancies on the most relevant media channels Launch a […]

The employer experience index

How do you measure the motivation and experiences of employees in our cognitive era? Machines are quickly taking over human tasks or even making people redundant. We see this in our factories and on the streets, where more and more small tasks are being taken over by machines. For example, Amazon is using drones to […]

Managing contracts

People & Payment and Nmbrs® Managing contracts People & Payment is a progressive HR and salary processing firm and a certified occupational health and safety service for SMEs. They use Nmbrs® to process salaries for some 1,500 companies, including 80 companies in the hospitality sector. Employment contracts and wage tax statements are drafted for new […]

All companies need a career website

Potential employees want to know what type of company they’ll be working for. They want to know whether the organization is a good match for them, what their development opportunities are, and whether they’ll feel comfortable within the corporate culture. All of these questions play a role in a candidate’s decision to apply for a […]

Want to get started with video recruitment? Read how!

The Internet is brimming with video recruitment: from Instagram Stories and vlogs to short videos on a huge variety of activities. This video trend is popular in countless fields, including the field of recruitment. That’s why HROffice Recruitment is offering this option as an integrated part of its recruitment software. Many employers find the idea […]

A custom career website

Make your vacancies easier to find with a mobile-friendly enterprise career website. An enterprise career website is fully customized, taking into account your specific recruitment needs and objectives. HROffice oversees the process from A to Z by offering proactive advice, creating the design and content, and making sure the website goes live. If all you […]

Digital signing an employment contract

Are digitally signed employment contracts legally binding? The Digital Signature Act has been in place since 1999 and is based on the European directive. This directive was incorporated into the new eIDAS Regulation. Digital signatures have become far more common in recent years, which is easy to understand. given that they’re faster to place, improve […]