HROffice Workforce Management at DACHSER

Thanks to HROffice Workforce Management (HROffice WFM), DACHSER achieved time savings of 60% on planning, hour registration, and invoicing. The planning software by HROffice helped DACHSER increase its efficiency and achieve considerable time savings.


DACHSER is a global leader in the logistics industry. A seamless and global transport network as well as exemplary IT solutions guarantee the most intelligent combination and integration of logistics network competences worldwide.

The DACHSER business model comprises transport logistics, warehousing, and customer-specific services in two business divisions: Dachser Road Logistics and Dachser Air & Sea Logistics. This is supplemented with services that extend beyond these business divisions, such as DACHSER Contract Logistics and Consulting, as well as industry-specific solutions for the chemical industry and the DIY sector. In the Netherlands, 379 employees are continuously involved in connecting the flow of goods, information, and transport companies.

Brief description of HROffice Workforce Management in practice

DACHSER, a company of German origin, opened its first Dutch distribution centre in Zevenaar some seventy years ago. Ten years ago, another branch was opened in Waddinxveen. In addition to permanent employees, both distribution centres employee a pool of flex workers. Zevenaar has 35 payroll workers and Waddinxveen has 44. While the schedules of permanent employees are fixed, the schedules of payroll workers change weekly. Previously, DACHSER’s planners had been using Excel to schedule their payroll workers, which was extremely labour-intensive. The many manual changes to the schedules and not being able to find all of the agreements made these schedules prone to errors. As the company’s flexible team began to grow, the planners had to spend more time calling, texting, and scheduling each individual worker. In addition, DACHSER’s payroll workers had to enter and register their hours on timesheets. These timesheets were forwarded to the relevant payroll organization and then returned to DACHSER for approval. All in all, it was a very time-consuming process.

The end result after implementing HROffice Workforce Management

After comparing several planning systems, the company ultimately chose HROffice Workforce Management (HROffice WFM) as its planning software features perfectly matched DACHSER’s needs. DACHSER uses the planning, hour registration, and time registration features in HROffice WFM.

The implementation phase at DACHSER started in January 2017. Thanks to HROffice WFM, a planning environment was developed in which DACHSER can create work schedules, add payroll workers, manage leaves and absences, and register hours worked. This planning environment also complies with the company’s CLA. The planners started using HROffice WFM in April 2017, with the planning software and time registration clocks being fully operational in June of that year. The payroll workers were given their own login portal, where they could enter their availability, request leave, and access the work schedules.

HROffice WFM also installed time registration clocks at both distribution centres, so the payroll workers can clock in and out using a fingerprint scanner, thereby ensuring that all hours worked are registered. The software also takes into account break times and allowances. Automatic registration of the worked hours accelerated the validation process and reduced the number of manual corrections needed. This helped DACHSER achieve greater efficiency and considerable time savings.