From complex data to clear language

Much like technology, the labour market is changing rapidly. As a result, recruiters are becoming increasingly dependent, which can be a hard pill to swallow. There are countless tools, campaigns, and dashboards out there that recruiters need to be familiar with. Data-driven recruitment is the future, which is why we want to make data as easy to understand as possible. This inspired us to develop HROffice Insights, which makes it possible for all recruiters to work with data without having to understand how that data works. HROffice insights is an interactive recruitment dashboard that only contains the information of relevance to you as a recruiter. Contact us for more information and discover how easy it is to work with HROffice Insights.

HROffice Insights can be used by recruiters to manage vacancy and campaign successes with no prior knowledge of marketing, campaigns, or data necessary. HROffice Insights is an interactive recruitment dashboard that allows you to choose the information you want to see. This gives you an instant overview of the results. The dashboard combines different complex data sources, which translates into easier and more effective talent management for you!

Instant insight into your campaign results

With HROffice Insights, you can see the results of a specific campaign at the touch of a button. The dashboard will show you how many people saw your campaign, the bounce rate of the vacancy page, and how many times your vacancy page was viewed. You can also see how long your campaign was online and how much it would cost to hire a candidate. The recruitment dashboard provides transparency and allows for quick campaign analyses.

Discover how many candidates responded and who they are

As a recruiter, you come into contact with lots people. HROffice Insights helps you maintain a good overview by creating clarity and structure. You can use the recruitment dashboard to see how many candidates responded to a vacancy and which phase the candidates are currently in. The dashboard also shows you how long a candidate spent in each phase and which channels the candidates came from.

Work more efficiently with HROffice Insights

HROffice Insights will increase your work efficiency. With HROffice Insights, you can see which device candidates use to view the campaign and which campaign pages receive the most views. You also have instant insight into your campaign conversions and can see exactly where the candidates come from. This information can help you develop an even more targeted campaign in the future and help you optimize your campaign spending.