Social media recruitment

Your target group is on social media. Are you? Social media and recruitment have become virtually inseparable. Many companies use websites like Twitter, Facebook, and/or LinkedIn to reach potential candidates. These websites are excellent and accessible tools to help you get in touch with millions of people. What is social media recruitment? Social media recruitment […]

HROffice Recruitment secures privacy-sensitive data

Recruitment HROffice-kandidaten

The privacy of candidates and the safe handling of their personal data is a much-discussed topic. This comes as no surprise given the media coverage in 2017 on the rise in cyber crimes against HR professionals. Legislation governing data breaches and privacy regulations is constantly being amended. hese developments demand our attention and the attention […]

Recruitment projects: four developments

Over the past six months, HROffice has worked hard on several recruitment projects for national and international clients. While each of these projects has its own unique recruitment issues, we did notice four developments that they had in common. Want to know what those developments were? Niels Broerse, business unit manager for HROffice Recruitment, looks […]

Working successfully with ML and AI

During the AI EXPO Europe, the brightest minds from companies such as ABN AMRO, KLM, TomTom, ING, and Shell came together to discuss their experiences and progress in the field of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The following questions were discussed: How do you start an ML project? How do you ensure a […]

Optimize the candidate experience with ATS

In today’s market, candidates have all the power. With this in mind, a good recruitment policy should be determined by demand instead of supply. That’s why the candidate experience often serves as the foundation of all good recruitment policies. The same is true of HROffice. The candidate experience, also known as the candidate journey, puts […]