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HROffice Recruitment secures privacy-sensitive data

The privacy of candidates and the safe handling of their personal data is a much-discussed topic. This comes as no surprise given the media coverage in 2017 on the rise in cyber crimes against HR professionals. Legislation governing data breaches and privacy regulations is constantly being amended. hese developments demand our attention and the attention of HROffice Recruitment.

How does HROffice Recruitment safeguard privacy-sensitive data?

HROffice has obtained various privacy and security certificates over the years. This allows us to guarantee that our software always meets the strictest security standards.

SSL certificate

One of the most widely deployed forms of security is the Secure Sockets Layer or SSL. SSL creates a secure layer between a web server and a web browser to secure data. You can tell whether an online environment uses SSL if you see ‘https://’ in the address bar. When secured with SSL, login and payment information such as passwords, credit card numbers, and personal data can be used safely.


OWASP is an open-source computer security project for publishing a top-ten list of the most common vulnerabilities in websites. Website administrators can prevent a lot of problems by taking these ten tips into account. As a minimum, we employ the measures included in the OWASP Top Ten.


For optimum protection against external threats and to prevent downtime, we work with Previder. As a hosting partner, Previder guarantees the availability, security, and integrity of data. All sensitive information – something we have a lot of – is stored on dedicated servers and all non-critical information is stored on shared servers. Our hosting partner has the following certificates: