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Enhance the effectiveness of your workforce scheduling

HROffice Workforce Management gives you the insights you need to make your workforce scheduling more effective.


Workforce Management software

Workforce Management is the all-in solution for effective workforce scheduling. This workforce management software is easy to use and understand for clients, suppliers, planners, and employees. The user-friendly and flexible planning application is an all-in-one tool. This tool complies with all applicable laws and regulations, ensures clear leave and absenteeism registration, and provides insight into the availability and capabilities of employees. HROffice Workforce Management is also suitable if you employ flex workers: you can schedule both permanent and flexible employees in the same system.
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Clear, user-friendly, and GDPR-proof

Advantages of HROffice Workforce Management


Instant integration of workforce scheduling via HROffice Contracts

Workforce Management can be easily linked to HROffice Contracts to quickly schedule employees using the planning tool.

  • Automatically activate new employees in the planning tool
  • Prevent mistakes by using a link instead of copy-pasting

Workforce scheduling

Efficiently and easily plan all employees using the Workforce Management software

Forget Excel: thanks to the online planning software of HROffice Workforce Management, you can quickly and easily create employee work schedules.

  • Check employee availability in the workforce plan overview
  • Quickly and easily create an online workforce plan
  • Schedule based on specific skills, shifts, and availability
  • Save money and time with Autoplan, an optimized online planning tool
  • Minimize the risks associated with erroneous schedules

Time registration

Manage, schedule, and report on flexible and permanent employees in the same system

HROffice Workforce Management has a CAO module to accurately translate to hour types.

  • Manage absence reports and holidays
  • Automatically calculate hours scheduled and hours worked
  • Register and approve hours worked with the time registration tool
  • Export time reports


Save time by easily registering and approving hours

Automatically calculate overtime and bonuses based on a CAP and link the schedule to the time registration clocks.

  • Automatically calculate overtime and bonuses based on a CAO
  • Link schedules to the time registration clocks
  • Save time by easily registering and approving hours worked

Work efficiently by linking to Workforce Management

Link Workforce Management directly to your remuneration and/or employee information system to save time and make fewer mistakes. The following links are active:

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