An innovative ATS system for the best possible candidate experience

HROffice Recruitment is an innovative ATS system for the best candidate experience and the best opportunities for attracting top talent.

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Recruitment in one minute

The Applicant Tracking System (ATS) by HROffice is extremely easy to use, with vacancy publication automation and application processing playing a central role. This system ensures an optimal recruitment process, the best candidate experience, and the best opportunities for attracting top talent. The ATS system contains a clear overview of all open vacancies, all applicants, and the application phase they are currently in. This is efficient and saves time.

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Clear, user-friendly, and GDPR-proof

Advantages of HROffice Recruitment


Automatically process candidates from your career website in your ATS system

Post vacancies, and they will be instantly added to your career website. Responses will be added to a clear overview in the ATS system.

Live video interviews

Replace face-to-face meetings with an online job interview 

The recruitment market is very rapidly digitizing. With online job interviews you replace your normal face-to-face conversations with online live video. Of course applicant will have to get used to it, but there is no way back nowadays. Video job interviews will help you to control and master your online application proces.

Informing about online job interviews
Recruitment HROffice


Total control thanks to clear overviews

Forget Excel. HROffice gives you an instant overview of all open vacancies, all applicants, and the application phase they are currently in.


Assess candidates wherever and whenever you want

The HROffice Recruitment environment is fully compliant with GDPR requirements. This environment makes it possible for multiple colleagues to share and assess candidates.

Talent management

Build a talent pool and save time and money

Create a talent pool and inform talented candidates about suitable new vacancies.


HROffice Insights: from complex data to clear language

Use HROffice Insights to manage the recruitment process – with no prior knowledge of marketing, campaigns, or data necessary.


Clear retention periods for candidates in accordance with GDPR legislation

Send your candidates an e-mail about extending the retention periods or removing a candidate, in accordance with GDPR legislation.

Work efficiently by linking to HROffice Recruitment

Link Recruitment directly to your remuneration and/or employee information system to save time and make fewer mistakes. The following links are active:

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