A simple, digital method of drafting legally valid contracts

HROffice Contracts is a digital method to help you draft legally valid employment contracts and other HR contracts.


Drafting contracts digitally

HROffice Contracts is a simple and clear way to draft and manage digital contracts. You will have continuous access to a clear online overview of all drafted and current contracts. All documents are secure; you decide who can view specific documents. HROffice Contracts is indispensable if you want an instant overview of all contracts and if you want to reduce the costs and minimize the risks associated with contracts.

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Simple, automated, and profitable

Functionalities of HROffice Contracts


Instant data processing via ATS system

Contracts can be easily linked to the HROffice Recruitment (ATS) system or another back-office system.

  • Efficiently ensure new and current employees are loyal to your organization
  • Manage multiple applications from one account
  • Prevent mistakes by using a link instead of copy-pasting


Clear overview of all contracts and tasks in one dashboard

Maintain a clear overview of all contracts and tasks in one dashboard. Assign roles and tasks in the dashboard to the right people.

  • Assign roles and tasks
  • Organize contracts in one easy-to-use dashboard
  • Track real-time progress of all documents

Template management

Use your own contracts or a standard HROffice contract

We can help you draft digital employment contracts and other HR contracts.

  • Draft standardized contracts with your own logo
  • Use a legally verified contract template
  • Request missing information from candidates via an online dialogue


Create a clear overview of the contract flow for the HR departmentBy assigning specific rights and roles, everyone can focus on their own tasks and responsibilities.
  • Assign roles and tasks
  • Manage the process
  • Offer a digital contract to the candidate


Meet compliance requirements

The contracts can easily be signed with an advanced digital signature, in accordance with eIDAS and Book 3 Article 15a of the Dutch Civil Code.

  • No need to scan, print, or use stamps
  • Contracts look perfect on all devices: desktops, tablets, and mobile phones
  • Employees can review and sign their contracts at all times


Forward employee information and documents

Activate employees in other HR applications, such as scheduling, onboarding, employee information systems, remuneration, etc.

  • Prevent mistakes by using a link instead of copy-pasting
  • Activate employees in other HR applications
  • Link to scheduling, employee information system, or remuneration system

Work efficiently by linking to Contracts

Link Contracts directly to your remuneration and/or employee information system to save time and make fewer mistakes. The following links are active:

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